Cute little Standardbred mare Nina “fell through the cracks” and ended up bound for slaughter at the age of 2 years old. A young woman rescued her off the truck with the best of intentions, but soon found she did not have the means to support Nina. And so after an ill-fated foster stay, she landed in an NLHR member farm, where she’s been enjoying health and wellbeing ever since.

Little Miss Nina, a.k.a. “Sweet Pea,” shows her inherent curiosity by checking out the camera

But that’s not where Nina’s story ends. Nina, now three years old, has a long life ahead of her. And at her NLHR member farm, the focus is on rescue, rehabilitation, and retraining. So Nina gets plenty of handling, grooming, and groundwork, and now Gabrielle gives her regular, more focused development for her equestrian skills. Nina deserves to not only have a purpose, but to have a job to do, as she is inherently intelligent, curious, and interested in what people are doing. So Gabrielle is helping her find her way!

Nina will go to a qualified home only, not for breeding. She is not a registered Standardbred – in fact, we suspect she may be a Morgan. Her DNA test is pending. She has definitely never been on a racetrack (she’s unbranded). Let us know if you know of a potentially appropriate home for Nina. We’d love to hear from you! Contact Joy at

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