It’s important to stop every once in a while and thank those who help us help others. Elizabeth Corkum, who’s been our marketing director and is now stepping into a directorship role, is one of those people. Not only is she our primary voice in FaceBook, but she also manages the barn of our host farm, Moment’s Peace Farm, where she cares for two rescues along with her own horses and boarders. Her love of horses is not a passing phase but a lifelong love, and the horses are the ones who benefit. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Here in this picture you can see how Rusty is just not sure how he feels about having his picture taken. But don’t be fooled by his caution of the photographer, he follows Elizabeth around wherever she goes!

Do you know a volunteer who makes the rescue world go ’round near you?
You’re welcome to give them a shout-out on our FaceBook page. Appreciation can go a long way!

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