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Hay is the most important food for horses. It provides calories, yes, but in a unique way – the equine digestive systems is adapted to it for a “slow burn.” This means the food is broken down over time, which is a much safer way for them to eat than “fast burn,” high-calorie grains, which can be detrimental to a non-working horse or a horse with a slow metabolism (while grains are helpful to keep weight on a fast-calorie-burning horse). The slow burn action of hay actually helps keep horses warm in winter, along with plenty of water. Fun facts. And these reasons are why you’ll never see a well-fed horse without hay, though you may find some without grain.

Rescue horses often come from crisis situations where they did not have access to as much hay as they needed.  Often we find rescue horses are malnourished, and need to be reintroduced to appropriate quantities of healthy food slowly, so they can re-adapt to what they need. Then, they need access to plenty of hay to recover, and to keep their weight and body temperature regulated.

You can help feed rescue horses in New England by making a donation of your choosing to NLHR. We reimburse hay and care expenses of enrolled horses in our network. If you have a specific horse in mind, let us know in the comments field when you place your order.

Hay donations over $70 come with a free gift. See our “Help-Give-Hay” entries for options. Or, if you’re happy to forego the incentive and make a donation here, choose from the options below.

We – and, more importantly, the horses – thank you for your support!

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