You’ve just brought home a rescued a horse. Great! But do you know me yet?

“When one of us rescue horses comes home to your barn,” Rusty says, “You know to give us a month in quarantine before we join the herd to ensure against the possible spread of disease. But do you think about how those 30 days, and more, are also valuable time to help recover our personalities as well as our health?

Even when we rescues are in good weight at the time of surrender, we’ve often experienced some form of trauma or neglect to be in the at-risk position you found us in. This can affect our temperament and trust, and make us cautious of human relationships. Give us some time to be in a safe, peaceful setting, with plenty of the food the vet has advised is safe for us, along with clean water, fresh air, sunshine, and gentle attention, and you may see a whole new horse emerge.

We’ve got big hearts and beautiful spirits, and even the most down-hearted among us may emerge as a playful spirit in time.

Like me! I didn’t trust anyone when SRF saved me from the kill-pen – I almost didn’t make it on the truck north to safety because I didn’t want to be caught by handlers in quarantine. Now I’m the playful imp who endears everyone to their hearts when we get to know each other. I really do love to love.

So give us time; you’ll get a whole new horse with time and loving attention!”

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