Northern Lights Horse Rescue (NLHR)

A collaborative approach to rescuing horses in crisis

NLHR network members receive support in the form of hay, feed, veterinarian, and/or professional training services for rehabilitation and retraining, which enables horses to recover and move into safe, productive lives. Support is provided directly for these needs, offloading the farms who volunteer their time and space from the added burden of out-of-pocket expenses. 

What is a licensed rescue?

We use licensing and Homes for Horses Coalition Standards for animal rescue as a requirement for collaborative farms that we support financially. Because we serve the entire New England area, this helps us know that a farm applying for financial support from us has met certain basic safety criteria.

NLHR Collaborative Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is for NLHR collaborators as well anyone who does, or wants to, support horse rescue in New England. 

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Interested in enrolling a horse?

Have you made room in your barn for a rescue horse? Could you use support with a rescue horse you already have? Interested in applying for financial assistance? Fill out this one-time application.

Horse Enrollment Form

If your farm is already qualified and you’d like to enroll a horse, use this one-time application online or download a PDF and mail it in.

Ping for the Expense Form to use to request reimbursement for an enrolled horse.

You’ll need to include a receipt for the service or feed cost you’d like reimbursed.

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