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Our goal is to provide safe harbor to horses identified as at risk or in crisis by humane agents in the State of Maine, restoring their health and fitness and establishing an adequate level of training to move into humane and productive lives as pleasure or companion horses to qualified homes. While all horses in need are welcome here, we have a special focus on former racehorses and retirees whose owners are unwilling or unable to provide adequate aftercare once their racing or working lives are done. We value a cooperative relationship with other equine rescue organizations in the area.

Moment's Peace Farm

Moment’s Peace Farm is the founding collaborative farm for Northern Lights Horse Rescue.


If you’d like to see our work in action, you can come visit the farm. Not all farms can, or should, accommodate guests, due to the nature of our work, but at Moment’s Peace Farm we have a Guest House, where you can come and see the horses for yourself.


You can also see how an organic garden works, visit southern Maine, or just get some fresh air. Welcome!

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Long before Moment’s Peace Farm¬†became a reality, there was a horse. A neglected horse, who had been a 4H project of Joy’s in middle school, and who later died of starvation and neglect. He was someone never forgotten, nor was the incomprehension of how an owner could do such a thing — even more so, someone who was a respected member of the community. Joy vowed then to do right by horses someday.
Shadow and Ella gave us that chance. After educating ourselves, restoring the barn, putting up safe fences and recovering from a major accident along the way, we were ready when the call came from the state to place Shadow and Ella. And so Moment’s Peace Farm realized its namesake.
In the last year and a half, 6 rescue horses have come through Moment’s Peace Farm, the first Collaborative Rescue in our network of small farms tapped to take in small groups of horses at a time. We give each of our horses the personal attention needed to help ensure their success.
We emphasize a pastoral setting, fresh air, clean water, plenty of turnout space and grazing, segregated eating, and also equine companionship, since horses are first and foremost herd animals, and a buddy is important for overall wellbeing. The horses are able to relax and enjoy both their indoor and outdoor homes, no longer needing to concern themselves with survival, and instead, just be horses.










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Moment’s Peace Farm is the host farm of Northern Lights Horse Rescue, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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Northern Lights Horse Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on networking about horse rescue in New England.

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