Our Approach

We are small-scale local farms.

Our operations run more like foster care than a large-scale animal shelter. Just like with cats and dogs, horses often thrive more in personal home environments than they do in large groups at a shelter. Plus, living in a farm like this is more like the place they’ll live when they go to their qualified new home after rehabilitation and retraining.

We provide personal care.

In our local farms, we can provide individualized attention according to a horse’s needs. And lots of hugs.

Rescue horses often need specialized care, such as feeds they can eat privately to help regain bodyweight, or medicine. While large shelters also provide this specialized attention, at a small farm, it’s often the same people who interact with them daily, building a relationship, and helping them strengthen and recover trust.

We help small farms who wouldn't normally have access to investor funding.

Not everyone who wants to take in a rescue horse wants to incorporate as their own 501(c)3 organization. As part of our non-profit network, they’re able to receive support they wouldn’t otherwise.

Likewise, our network enables more individuals to step up to foster, getting much-needed manpower involved with rescue.

Our funding can go farther

Because we reimburse services not infrastructure, our dollars can stretch further, reaching more individual horses, than if we had to also fund buildings, land, taxes, repair, and other expenses – because our farms are already covering these expenses with the barns that they’re operating.

We can reach more horses than an individual shelter.

Our network uses a distributed model, funding horses at farms across New England, where the horses are, not bringing them to where the large-scale shelters are. This can be important for animals in crisis, and cuts down on transportation challenges and expenses.

Strengthen Our Network

Find out more about becoming a Northern Lights Horse Rescue Collaborative Farm.


Moment’s Peace Farm is a branch of Northern Lights Horse Rescue, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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