We’re changing our business model

To survive in this day and age, one has to be adaptable. Resilient. And in the horse rescue business, you’re nothing if not resilient. And so, we are! We at NLHR are also able to learn from our experience, and to lead with our strengths. In the last 2 years, we’ve rescued 12 equine lives – 9 by personally putting our hands on those we networked to find, and 3 more through networking alone. Our Facebook community is a key element of our strength. And so is team member Elizabeth’s interest and commitment to sustaining it.

So! We have decided to dissolve the formal member-networking element of Northern Lights Horse Rescue, and focus on the rescue-networking element alone. So “Northern Lights Horse Rescue” is a network of communications first and foremost, maintaining the limit of our scope to the New England area, and naming Elizabeth Corkum as our new Executive Director. I, Joy Cutrone, founder and current Executive Director, am stepping down and putting the new NLHR in Elizabeth’s capable hands.

What that means is, we will be:

  • Networking with other non-profit equine rescue facilities in New England
  • Including success stories of rescues by individuals in the New England area
  • Continuing to provide insights into appropriate horse care and equine wellness
  • Maintaining our commitment to national standards of care
  • Directing any donations to featured rescuers, whether that’s through for-profit boarding facilities or non-profit organizations.

This also means that:

  • You get to influence our Facebook editorial – let us know if there’s a topic on horse rescue that you’re interested in learning more about
  • You get to decide where to direct your donations – just let us know if you have a particular horse or organization in mind, and we’ll route your $ there
  • Send us your stories! Success stories buoy all of our spirits. It’s why we’re here!
  • We look forward to continuing to grow our network, help save more lives, and interacting with you!
  • Your support continues to be our most valuable resource. Whether you give actual money or provide emotional support, both help to sustain our efforts.

Finally, we may not choose to maintain a 501(c}3 status in this new business model, especially since we have found that many of the equine rescuers in the New England area are non-profits themselves, already. For now we ARE maintaining our 501(c)3 status to enable donors to deduct contributions. Note that we are 100% volunteer, so all donations after very minimal OOP site and structural maintenance costs go to the horses.

As always, we love to hear from you. Let us know what you think, and please wish us the best as we continue forward with a determined positivity, adaptability, and resilience.

With our very best wishes, and on behalf of Northern Lights Horse Rescue,

Joy Cutrone, Founder & Executive Director

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