Summer 2019 didn’t prove to be a good year for hay in our area. Hmmm, will that mean that even more horses in already under-resourced situations will be short-changed? We hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Peter, Elizabeth, Marissa, Dylan, Gabrielle, and local hayer Josh and others got together to put up square bales for the rescues at our host farm, Moment’s Peace Farm in Maine. And we’ve still got round bales to go!

How about you? Have you put in your hay for the winter? Is a shortage anticipated in your area, too? Do you have hay to donate? Or, if not, might you have a few dollars to spare to support the horses we anticipate will be short of hay this winter? Contact Us with ideas or input, or visit our Shop to donate. No amount is too little – $5 buys a bale of hay! And hey, thank you very much for what you can do.

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