Giving Tuesday, the global giving movement, is November 28 this year. Many worthy causes benefit on Giving Tuesday through the power of social media and collaboration. Giving Tuesday is about more than donating dollars, as well; it’s about giving your time, your voice, or other creative ways to help those in need. It’s the day each year when people around the world come together to make a difference. So, let us know if you’d like to help abused, abandoned and neglected horses! Through volunteering your time at a member farm in New England or, from anywhere, you can:

  • choose NLHR for your employer’s corporate matching program
  • help with fundraising
  • add updates to our web site
  • drive development (especially welcome)
  • research & write grants
  • help get the word out through social media
  • facilitate crowdfunding
  • apply your expertise in virtual collaboration
  • conduct expert interviews, write articles, manage PR
  • post blog entries, push out a newsletter
  • print marketing materials
  • let us know what your skills are, we’ll find a way to put them to use!
  • make a donation — always welcome!
  • make a large donation, which contributes to our endowment to enable sustained giving each and every year.

Contact to discuss, visit our shop, or help get the word out through Facebook, on Twitter at #NLHorseRescue, or on Instagram.

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