Yankee and Nina

Yankee is a retired Standardbred racer, branded along his neck with his registration number, which enables us to see his racing history and the money he won for his former owner. We met him after he’d been sold, then put on the truck headed for slaughter, then rescued by a well-meaning person who wanted to save his life, but didn’t quite have the means for doing so. So he arrived at our farm quite underweight, sick with fever, and depressed.

His companion, Nina, was also rescued off the truck by the same well-meaning person. Nina was just a baby at 2-1/2 years old. She’s not branded, but Maine Standardbred expert Robyn Cuffey sees her as a “card-carrying Standardbred” through her conformation and telltale characteristics of the breed. Other experts who’ve visited think she may be a Morgan. It’s a mystery that only a DNA test can resolve – maybe through the generosity of a sponsor we’ll find out someday soon (the test is $50).

Yankee and Nina have very much enjoying being out of crisis. They love to get enough to eat, to heal and, some may be surprised to find, to have a bit of a job to do from time to time. Horses are happiest with a purpose that leverages their strengths without being too taxing. So while Yankee and Nina have been thrilled to have green grass and open space to enjoy a well-deserved rest, once they got their health in order, they’ve enjoyed being able to apply their intelligence and willingess to collaborate. That’s where the fun comes in.

Yankee and Nina today

Yankee has opted to bond with a family who owns a farm where he can both pull a cart or sleigh from time to time, and enjoy a lovely trail ride. His new owners just love his cooperative spirit – and he’s got some very big equine friends for company, too! Fun.

Nina is still on her member NLHR farm, developing her skills in ground and saddle work. She is one intelligent and curious little mare, and her trainer loves to work with her. We look forward to Nina soon finding her forever home, too, so that she can be the equine partner she deserves, with a human who deserves her love and spirit. Contact us if you think you may know of a good fit for Nina.

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