Success Stories

Here are some examples of horses we’ve recently rescued. We can ensure their continued safety, and the safety of others, with your help.

Yankee and Nina

Yankee and Nina were bound for slaughter. When they arrived they were sick, depressed, under stress and underweight. You can almost feel the fever in this photo — too miserable to even lift their heads. Now, they’re getting a second chance.


Shadow arrived with a body condition score of 1 on the scale of 1 to 9 — vet Janelle had to make a decision as to whether he was strong enough for the one-hour trailer ride here: he was that weak. We’re so glad she gave him the benefit of the doubt. His companion, Ella, was in better shape; we quickly realized that Shadow had allowed her to have what little food had been available to them. 


When Lance arrived, he was fiercely attached to Ava. You could often see him almost underneath her, lacking confidence to stand on his own, and not sure who to trust.

Now he’s happily settled with a young boy who’s renamed and re-homed him in a place where he can be his full self, young at heart and happy, and with a big gelding for company.


Ella is a draft-cross mare. She came to us with retired Thoroughbred racehorse Shadow. While Shadow became a permanent resident at a member NLHR farm, Ella was not just young at heart, but also young in years, and a special girl from the start.

She just loves to be loved, and is very companionable, forming deep attachments with horses and people alike. She’s got skills that enable her to be a wonderful companion to both horse and human now, with pasture mate Carlos and owner Pam – a match made in heaven for them all.


Ava came to us from an overcrowded situation where she didn’t have any space to call her own. High strung from the stress of living in tight quarters with too many other animals, her greatest joy was to just be able to relax in wide open space. She settled right down.
Ava is now in a loving home with a couple of experienced horse people who value an older horse as companion to another they own who’s of similar age.

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