Where do the horses come from?

Rescue horses who come to our farms are identified as at-risk, abused, or neglected by animal welfare agents of the state or animal control officers of local towns. Once rescued, ownership is assigned to to the participating collaborative farm. Some owners are cooperative and surrender the horses they can no longer care for, and some are combative, so sometimes we need to preserve the anonymity of their location for their, and our safety.

Can I feed the horses?

Yes and maybe. Yes, definitely, when you make a donation, buy a bale or other item from our shop, you’re feeding the horses.

Then, if you’d like to visit the horses in person, contact us to arrange a visit at one of our collaborative farms, or make a reservation at the Guest House at founding collaborator Moment’s Peace Farm. Then we can show you which horses it’s safe to interact with, and take you for a tour. We look forward to seeing you. Major donors are always welcome for comprehensive insight into how it works and to personally connect with the horses.

Are you a nonprofit?

Yes, we are a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) corporation, so your donations are fully deductible per the IRS code.

How can I help?

Do you share our dream of ending abuse and neglect? What you do proves what you believe. And every bit can help: review our options for supporting the horses to identify what best fits for you. When you shop in our store, when you help endow the program to ensure sustainability for their future, when you buy hay, you’re helping to realize that dream. Shop or Give now, or Contact Us with other ideas of how you can help. We, and the horses, thank you!

Still have questions? Contact Us!

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