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Across the US there are equine rescues who do vital educational as well as rehabilitative work.

Valiant as these organizations are, however, they cannot take in every horse in need. So every month private farms get calls from animal welfare, animal control, and law enforcement agents to take in horses who are starved, abused, neglected, or bound for slaughter.

We seek to support these unrecognized heroes who, outside of major fundraising channels, nonetheless give their hearts, hay, and personal home budgets to do the right thing by these magnificent creatures, where others have not. NLHR is a collaborative network of carefully-selected farms in the Northeast United States who are licensed for animal rescue and who share our collective goal of banishing abuse from the human/equine experience.

Horses deserve more from humans.

Yankee, a retired Standardbred racehorse, was rescued from a truck bound for slaughter. On the brink of death, he was sick, underweight and depressed. You can help Yankee and other horses like him.


For every horse we save our goal is to:

Get them out of danger, give them a chance to recover their health and weight, and have a moment to relax and regain a sense of self.

Some of the horses need to learn how to go from being a racehorse to a pleasure horse. Others just need a moment to remember how to do what they were trained to do in the past, before they suffered neglect or abuse.

Once a horse is in a stable place, settled, healthy, and ready for some one person’s focused love and companionship, they go to their “forever” homes, making way for others in crisis to come in their place. No Northern Lights Horse, however, is ever re-homed without a fully revolving door, no questions asked: we will always take them back should their new owner get into an issue for any reason whatsoever: we want to ensure our horses never know crisis again.

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