We network among New England farms and related resources

to complement large regional rescues

to help find homes for surrendered, abused, and neglected horses.

We promote the standards of care defined

by the Homes for Horses Coalition of the AWI, HSUS and ASPCA

for advancing equine protection.

Horses that were sent to Mexico or Canada for slaughter in 2018

“Unwanted” horses in the United States


Of equine rescue facilities report they are running at capacity


Of equine rescue facilities have been forced to turn away horses in need

We believe that horses deserve better. Our mission:

How it works

We are a virtual network designed to stretch donor dollars farther by supporting only rescued-horse care expenses at an existing barn with an available stall. Since many farms already have a horse barn, we supply funds for feed, vet, and farrier costs to adopters who comply with HFHC standards of care. This support makes it more possible for these barn owners to rescue horses in crisis, versus being forced to choose between caring for their family or caring for a needy horse. This way, both the equine and human families win.

By eliminating the burden of shelter costs from our business model — which is typically half of the annual costs of a pleasure horse — we can support resources for two. And this gives the rescue barn time in which to recover horses’ health, uncover their strengths, and find them a “forever” home where they can live out their lives in safety.

You Give. They Live.

Give, get involved, volunteer or educate others!  With your help we can make the lives of unwanted horses better.
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